30 August 2013

Men Are From Mars, And So Are Women. Possibly.

So, I'm working my way through all the seasons of The X-Files...a show that I've been told is outright demonic...to which I say "whatever"...and I've just arrived at Season 6. At this point in the series, Mulder and Scully have just realized that, based on scientific evidence gathered from a mind-reading, 12-year-old boy, we all carry alien DNA.

What a crazy show. You never knew what they were going to come up with. So far out there, so ridiculous, so....wait, what's this? Some Mulder wannabe thinks maybe we really do have extraterrestrial origins?

I just don't know if I can accept that all of us are martian by nature. I might be able to accept that at least some of us are martian, though, based on my experiences over the years with some pretty loony neighbors. It would explain so much.

But seriously.
Steven Benner of Florida's Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology says evidence is mounting that life on earth actually started on Mars, and we got flung here on a space rock.
OK, let's review. Life on earth. Made on Mars. Big rock survives all of the radiation of being "flung" through space and - LUCKY US! - hits Earth. If it had hit a comet, another planet, or got sucked into a black hole, that would have been some serious bad luck. But, no, it hit Earth. And all without a really good pitcher.


I don't particularly care what vehicle brought us here, I just believe we're here because God put us here. Maybe it was a Big Bang. Maybe God said "boo" and it all fell into place. Maybe it all started with a spot-on space rock. Maybe my great-great-great-great-great aunt really was a monkey. Don't care.

It's just love when a space fairy (a description given to God by an Atheist I once argued with on Facebook) willing the universe (and beyond) into existence actually seems more logical than a scientific theory. It makes my day. My weekend, maybe.

Nanoo, nanoo!


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